What do I do if I am Accused of Child Abuse in Jefferson County, Colorado?

What do I do if I am Accused of Child Abuse in Jefferson County, Colorado?

A Golden, Colorado man was sentenced to 12 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections today after pleading guilty to child abuse resulting in death.  The man, Joseph Trujillo, left his 5 month old infant child home alone so that he could go to a Golden bar to drink.  Trujillo left the child on a bed surrounded with pillows and with a bottle propped up on his chest.  The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office believes that the child was left home by himself for up to 8 hours.  When Trujillo returned home the child was dead.

Trujillo was charged in the Jefferson County District Court with a class 3 felony of child abuse resulting in death.  Potential sentencing for this level of felony child abuse is a mandatory prison sentence of 10 years with a maximum sentence of 32 years.  It is unclear from the Denver Post’s reporting of today’s sentence whether or not Trujillo received a plea bargain.  It is very unlikely, however, that Trujillo’s criminal attorney would have advised him to plead guilty and give up his right to have trial in the case if there had not been a plea bargain offer made by the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office.  Most likely, Trujillo agreed to waive his right to a trial in the Jefferson County Court in exchange for a stipulated sentence of 12 years.  This cannot be confirmed at this time. 

What should you do if you have been accused of child abuse in Jefferson County, or any other Colorado jurisdiction?  1) It is imperative that you invoke your right to remain silent – even if you believe that you have done nothing wrong! 2) Retain a criminal attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable about Colorado criminal law and has handled child abuse cases in Jefferson County, Colorado specifically.  Many criminal attorneys in and around Jefferson County offer free consultations and/or have toll free numbers.  Contacting one of these criminal law firms, such as Frankfurt & Trani, P.C., is one of the easiest things that you can do to protect your rights and, potentially, your future.

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